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We offer tours to Ireland (North included), Scotland and the Basque Country. Click on one of the images to view the full information for the corresponding tour.

Kellys Cellar, Belfast

Fact Finding Tour in the North of Ireland

Basque Country in 7 days

Basque Country

Tailor-made tours

A new way of travelling

We offer specially designed tours, based on respect and guided by local people, that offer a great opportunity to really get to know countries from the inside. To the heartlands with Partizan Travel.

Why travel with us

Your service and work as always is completely professional.

Pedro (Basque Country)

The best trip we have ever been on!

Anthony and Josephine (Ireland)

An exciting and unforgettable trip! Definitely one to repeat!

Gorka (Basque Country)

Going on a trip with Partizan Travel is a whole new experience than the typical tourism as we know it.

Pili and Juan Mari (Basque Country)



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Ingelesezko testua falta da. Galicia Languages Gallego Spanish 2.747.559 inhabitants 29.574km² We also offer tours to: Lanean ari gara.Lanean…


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Ingelesezko testua falta da. Lanean ari gara. We also offer tours to: Lanean ari gara.Lanean ari gara. Lanean…

Catalan Countries

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The Catalan Countries have been a social and cultural reality for centuries. Its strategic position on the west…


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Ingelesezko testua falta da. Brittany (Breizh en bretón) Languages: Bretón (200.000) Gaelic (30.000) French (ofiziala) 4.475.295 inhabitants 34.023 km²…


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Since the very early days Corsica has been invaded and attacked by many people as the Carthaginians, Etruscans,…


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Little is known of the early inhabitants of Scotland, or how they came to Scotland, but we know…


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The island of Ireland has been inhabited since the Stone Age but it was the arrival of the…

Basque Country

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Euskal Herria, the land of the Basque People, the oldest nation in Europe, has maintained its language, culture…


We are Partizans. We are not neutral. We are mad travellers, peoples lovers, activists in favour of a fair and free world. We are all part of a network, a community, Partizan, and we want to promote new values and ways of travelling.

Partizan Travel - Amaia


(Donostia, 1982)


Partizan Travel - Pablo


(Gasteiz, 1978)

Guide and coordinator in Ireland, Scotland and Basque Country

Partizan Travel - Arturo


(Iruña, 1976)

Communications officer and our guide in Brittany and Corsica.

Partizan Travel - Roger


(Barcelona, 1989)

Our guide and coordinator in the Catalan Countries.

Partizan Travel - Jano


(Santiago de Compostela, 1982)

Our guide and coordinator in Galicia.

Partizan Travel - Uschi

Uschi Grandel

(Ulm, 1960)

Our German coordinator and guide in Ireland and Basque Country.


Ghjuvan Filippu

(Bastia, 1971)

Our guide and coordinator in Corsica.

Ingo Niebel

(Köln, 1965)

Our guide in the Basque Country and in Germany.




You form the most important part of the Partizan team!