Why travel with us

A new way of travelling is here, based on respect and guided by locals.

To the heartlands

We want to offer you a new way of traveling, a new way of understanding tourism, authentic, participatory, closer, showing respect and complicity for the countries and peoples we visit. We give you the chance to learn about our countries from the inside, a unique opportunity to learn about their reality, their struggles, history, culture…


That’s the best way to get to know the real country we visit. We will be meeting with those involved at grassroots level: activists, trade unionists, cultural groups, ex-prisoners, journalists, elected representatives…while getting a general overview and enjoying our countries’ beautiful gastronomy, astonishing landscape, moving music, old traditions…

In small groups

We work in small groups (eight people maximum). We want to have the minimum impact on the local culture and environment. We want to become a local while we are there and we also want to be able to know each other and create a nice, convivial atmosphere in the group as well as being able to move around in a quick and easy way.

Hands-on experience

We don’t like flocks of sheep and our guides are not shepherds. We are all equally important in our tours and we all help to create an unforgettable experience. Our guides job is to help the trip to progress as smoothly as possible, coordinating, translating, assisting…but the important decisions will be taken between all participants.

Going on a trip with Partizan Travel is a whole new experience than the typical tourism as we know it.

Pili and Juan Mari (Donosti)

Your service and work as always is completely professional.

Pedro (Iruñea)

The best trip we have ever been on!

Josephine and Anthony (Ireland)

An exciting and unforgettable trip! Definitely one to repeat!

Gorka (Arrasate)